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Crossing Borders For Mission Opportunities

We provide care with compassion for those in need.

Giving All That We Can

Why We Are Here

Cooperative Aid offers medical mission trips to serve underdeveloped, third-world countries in an effort to end the harsh afflictions plaguing individuals on a daily basis. It is their goal to put an end to the on-going pain and suffering of those within reach by providing medical and dental resources through short-term mission trips. Generous donors contribute supplies, and in turn, volunteers can offer them to those going without. Their service extends beyond these basics to even constructing essential facilities for the community in need. Although the work is extensive, this nonprofit organization continually strives to give all that they can.

Serving Underdeveloped, Third-World Countries

Explore What We Do

Cooperative Aid is a non-profit short-term mission organization offering medical and dental missions trips. Our Christian mission trips offer international aid to those in need.

Learn All About Our Founders

Meet The Founders

Cooperative Aid Co-founders, Michele Wyatt and Alisa Ledbetter, share a common mission: crossing borders to provide care with compassion for those in need.

Michele Wyatt

Co-Founder & President

Michele Wyatt’s journey in serving began in 2008 when she experienced the impoverished conditions of Romania. From there she continued on, leading teams and serving in many other countries such as Moldova, Ukraine, Thailand, Jamaica, Liberia and Puerto Rico. On her short-term mission trips, she witnessed how providing medical and dental care had a powerful impact on the people, affording them treatment and supplies that they may never receive otherwise.  

Alisa Ledbetter

Co-Founder & Chairperson of the Board

Alisa Ledbetter’s path to service came with a meaningful beginning. Although she knew the seriousness of the agonizing conditions in war-torn, poverty-stricken countries and offered generous monetary support, she felt it was not enough. She decided to serve her first mission to Romania where she met Michele Wyatt. Together, these women felt the call to partner and form Cooperative Aid.

Ways You Can Help

You Can Make A Difference

Cooperative Aid, LLC. strives to help the less fortunate in third-world countries through your donations and volunteering for specified international mission projects. 


Liberia, Zambia

Our Africa mission trips provide significant care to some of the poorest regions of the world.


Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Greece

Our Europe mission trips allow us to work with local churches to serve the Roma Gypsies, Ukrainian and Syrian refugees, and the Moldovians.



Our short-term mission trips to Asia allow us to offer medical and dental aid to the Mongolian people.

Words of Encouragement

Be The Light

Everyone Deserves To Be Cared For

Over 15 years of international missions experience