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Because of our donor contributions, we have the ability to continue working toward our mission, crossing borders to provide care with compassion for those in need. Your donation to Cooperative Aid Inc. affords us to make our short-term medical mission trips as impactful as possible. We wish to end the daily hardships many live with within their homeland by providing not only medical and dental supplies but materials to build needed structures within these struggling areas. Every dollar or supply received supports our tireless efforts, making progress toward our vision to see more individuals thrive within their community.

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Your donation matters! You can change lives through your donations of time and resources to the Cooperative Aid non-profit. You can also specify a particular fund to donate to our international mission trips.  

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Aniel Naste

Missionary in Romania

Donate to Aid Missions In Romania

Aniel Naste

Aniel Naste is a missionary based in Baile Olanste, Romania. He actively works with Ukraine refugees in Romania, Moldova and Ukraine. Traveling to Ukraine several times a month, he is supporting the churches in Ukraine with much needed food, medical supplies, baby items and generators for power. 

Bright Star Orphanage

Orphanage in Todee District of Liberia

Bright Star Orphanage

Orphanage in Todee District of Liberia

Bright Star Orphanage

Bright Star Orphanage located in the Todee district of Liberia is home to over 30 children. They receive no government assistance and rely on help from organizations like Cooperative Aid to be able to purchase food and supplies for the children.
With your support, we are able to send them money every month to purchase food for the children.

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We believe in helping those who can not always help themselves. Most citizens within the areas we visit on international mission trips are in circumstances that are beyond their own control. Your donation can make a difference in giving them a better quality of life and improving their situation.

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